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Wax sealing is a technique used in a lot of different areas and, because of our diverse range of designs, you can pretty much use it however you wish. Because of this, it’s not recommended that you use a regular candle to seal an envelope. Can I use a regular candle? Use it to your own advantage to create something. Truthfully, it depends on the type you use. The composition of modern sealing wax is dependent on the type of wax you purchase. Modern sealing wax, which is more pliable and adhesive, can be sent through the mail. Modern sealing wax includes glue gun stick, bead, and flexible with a wick. Brass stamp – this is our largest range and includes numbers, single letters and over 50 images. We’ve got Over 200 different stamp head designs, and we don’t say that number lightly. From animals to nature, letters (in different fonts), sentences, celestial, geographical, royal and others, we’ve got a bit of everything.

Firstly, wax seal stamp the Wax Seal Stamp – Classic Letters A to Z Gold Plated Brass Stamp Head. Brass is the generic term for a range of copper-zinc alloys, with a lot of positive characteristics, like its strength, hardness, and wear and corrosion resistance. A lot of companies will boost the prices when selling kits, with the argument that there’s an easiness and convenience in having all the products you need in just one offer. Inside a 4.5in x 2.7in (11.4cm x 6.8cm) stylish and sturdy blue box, you’ll find two amazing products. Simply put, you won’t find a better “value for the price” combination anywhere else. Start with one and you’ll find yourself writing one word after another. Start writing a how-to article or a beauty product review that will surely help our aspiring beauty loyalists out there. Defeat writer’s block by writing about it. If you’re looking for more stamp options, this Multi Wax Seal Kit with Wood Handle, 3 Dies & Sealing Wax from Nostalgic Impressions lets you pick one initial and two other brass symbols. Some kits are simpler and others more complex, but if you chose the latter ones you’re guaranteed to have everything you need in order to start wax sealing.

You deserve more than just high-quality products at a fantastic price. All at a fantastic price! Then this is the perfect offer for you – a vintage-looking, gold plated brass stamp head at a fantastic price. On one side, a durable, wooden and gold plated brass wax seal and on the other a high-quality wax stick. It may not make it to its destination in one piece. If you could give yourself a piece of advice 10 years from now, what would you say? We also give you the option to send us your own ideas for designs. Secondly, the Wax Seal Stamp – Gold Plated Brass Stamp with 4 Celestial Designs. A smooth wooden handle and solid brass head. Measuring 0.98in (2.5cm) in diameter, you can screw it in every wax seal handle we sell here, due to it’s universal screw mouth. Wooden handle stamp – this is the classic wax stamp.

Characters are limited depending on the size of the stamp head, suggestions include: mottos, Latin phrases, names, dates, your own special message – we are only limited by your imagination ! Our favourite is all the custom wax stamps we do for weddings, corporate invitation and special occasions. We love it for personalising cookies for that special occasion. This is our specialty and what we love to do! Do you love doing your makeup? Or better yet, use the concept of skincare and makeup in tackling relevant issues. Be it the star pattern, the sakura power sun or others, you’ll guaranteed a vintage and mysterious vibe wherever you use them. Here is a yummy, tried and tested (and fool proof!) recipe to use with the cookie stamp. Well, here at WaxSealStore there isn’t a single collapsible wax seal handle, in our arsenal, that isn’t a perfect fit for these stamp heads. No one else knows you but you, so there is no one better to write about this than you. Great for arts and crafts, even better for party invitations and correspondence.

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